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I'm doing a tuturial for this one but I might tweak it a bit before posting it. The cupcake liner is scrapbooking paper folded into accordion pleats. Super easy but looks great. Kaescakes & kkhigh, I thought about carving it into the cupcake shape but what stopped me was the liner. When I wrap the liner around it, it's going to look great if I'm looking at it straight on but the view of the liner in the back won't be lined up because of the angles of the cupcake. Does...
Does this look like a giant cupcake to you? Or do I need to go back to the drawing board? Thanks for the feedback ladies and gents. Dimensions are approximately 9" h x 7" w Some family members couldn't tell what it was. *bangs head on KA*
cindww, that's one of the aggravating things about the cake industry. Many of the products don't come with instructions, they just assume that you'll know how to use these items. *bangsheadondesk* Goodluck with your pearl maker and you don't need the pasta machine.
sherik, I would trust Satin Ice. I'm sure they've tested tons of fondant before putting that information on their website and brochures. If you're still unsure give Lillian a call at Satin Ice, she can answer all your questions.
You can purchase a suckerstick that's 11 3/4" long for the cookies in the back. HTH!
I love the drill instructor! Your husband did a fantastic job on the logos. Tough drill instructor sucumbs to dainty cupcake.
adven68, yes that's my site. It went live last month and I have those cups but they haven't been posted yet. They should be up in the next two days. I also have the mini versions of those....CUTE for mini cupcakes. My motto is, "Cupcake Liners don't have to be boring!" I have MORE liners that you would like if you like the glassine ones I used. I'm trying to get things posted as fast as I can, there's just not enough hours in the day. I'll play catchup this weekend...
adven68, the liners are so pretty! The first time I saw them I knew I had to do something with them. The pictures really don't do them justice, they also come in yellow & green. Here's a link for them on my site. for all the nice comments ladies!
Goodluck! That sounds like a wonderful opportunity that will keep you busy.
classymomx3, I did my first tutorial with these little cakes and posted them up on my blog. Thanks for the fuzzies ladies!
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