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I think it aired about two weeks ago. Thanks gilson6, its become a quest for her now. *laff*
JoanneB, Martha said the same thing that she was sworn to secrecy. My cousin didn't give me a specific name for the cake. I wish I would have seen that episode at least I would have known what was going into the cake even if I didn't know the measurements of the ingredients. Maybe I will try to find the episode.
Hi ladies,I don't know if anyone can help me out but my cousin called me up with this question. She had this fantastic cake at a wedding but the mother of the bride wasn't willing to share the recipe with her. The MOB said, it was a recipe from a restaurant and she had been asked to keep it a secret. Later that week she saw the SAME cake on Martha's show and Martha wasn't sharing either. She's going crazy! It's a cross between a pound cake/angel cake, has fruit in it...
kaste28, No they don't melt in the oven. You have to lower your baking temperature to 325 degrees but I think the majority of us bake at that temperature anyway. Thank you for your business!
cakeatopia,I ship out single molds every day and have never charged $9.00 for shipping. If you choose parcel post 4 to 7 days delivery it will usually be under $4.50 for shipping. UPS is a little more expensive but not as high as $9.00. I'm not sure why you were getting such a high dollar figure.Best Regards!
kris, it's time to hit Lowes or Home Depot. I just added a much larger plastic tool box to my regular caddy. It's not too big 22 x 12 x 10", okay it's GINORMOUS but it holds all my fondant & gumpaste tools. It also has a nice lift out tray for all the little things that always seem to get lost.
Here's a link that a chocolatier passed on to me. I've always been intimidated by the tempering process but some of these seem quite easy. Hope this helps!
kris2005, I have the coolest mold for you. I did a cake for a State Trooper and added a revolver and police badge.
I don't know the specific amount but you can add glycerin to the royal icing so it's easier to cut if you're frosting with it.
Here's a graduation cap that I just made. The mortar board is made of fondant. Tassles are made by cutting super thin strips of fondant. I also used the half ball pan. Make sure you make it ahead of time so the mortar board can dry completely.
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