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I have not done it with a fan-tailed brush just with a viva papertowel. Frost then wait 10 mins or so and smooth with papertowel.It works great!!
I agree with lilscakes, check the wilton website that is what I use.
Wow, thanks for all the great idea's!!!
I have seen molds on Good Luck!!
I just heard about cake camp in Vegas it sounds super exciting!!!
I like the sounds of that!!! I have a problem telling people what I charge, I always want to give people I know a discount. If I do that I will be giving a discount on every cake I make!! LOL!!
That is what I use too!!!
BUMP!! I would like to find a not soooo sweet icing, too!!!
I hate when it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to!!
Wow, how pretty!!!!
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