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Thank you leah_s, I've tried that, I've tried freezing the modeling chocolate before cutting, also oiling the mold & nothing has worked.  I have never had this problem before.
I've rolled my modeling chocolate out on a slightly dusted surface (top & bottom) of cocoa. I've also dusted the plastic mold.  When pressing the  numbers mold into the chocolate the mold will not release the numbers.    All I've managed to do is make a huge mess.   Any ideas what I can try next?  Thanks.
Thanks everyone for your help.  The cookies & modeling chocolate turned out good.
Thanks for reply.  We think alike, I've been making modeling chocolate & hoping it works in this hard plastic mold I have.
I haven't decorated cookies in years & now someone asked me to make cookies decorated with numbers.  They want choc chip which as I recall has to be decorated on the back of cookie in order to have a smooth surface.  I do have a plastic mold for numbers that would be small enough to fit on a cookie but I don't have fondant which is what I think is used in the mold.  Does anyone have any suggestions what I could use to make numbers?  Chocolate is too dark for choc chip...
Thanks for your reply.
Thanks very much!
I haven't been into cake decorating for awhile.  Occasionally I like to make a pie, brownies or cake for gift but am out of boxes.  I'm finding that since I purchase only a small amount of boxes the shipping is more than the boxes.  Anyone have any suggestions where to purchase reasonably priced boxes (in USA)?  thanks.
Thanks for the info. I love your website.
Anyone have a favorite place to order edible images for cupcakes? I always printed my own but I'm out of ink & think it will cheaper to buy them pre-printed since I only need a few for Thanksgiving. I looked at Sugarcraft but didn't see much choice for CC. Thanks.
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