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I have 2 1/2 sheets in the oven right now, one is made with the old formula and one is made with the new formula. Everything else is exactly the same. I'll post my results to let you know if I see any difference between them.
I've done this w/RKT, and then 'spackled over' in BC to smooth out some of the bumpiness before covering w/fondant. Worked great.
Anyone have any experience with pizza ovens?
The restaurant that I bake at has just brought in 2 beautiful large pizza ovens and has suggested that I use them for my baking. So, I tried it this week, scared to death that the bottoms would scorch sitting right on the stones. Well, (A) it took FOREVER to bake at 350, (B) the bottoms did not scorch, and (C) they did not get a nice crust on the sides, really could have baked a touch longer! Has anyone got experience baking in a pizza oven? They are so big, it would...
Does the elk need to be the whole animal or just the head/bust? There are lots of pics of deer heads in the gallery that could be easily modified to be an elk. I've done a lot of 3D stuff, but I'm afraid I've never done (and dread the day the order comes for) a bike of any kind. Looking forward to seeing what advise you get on that! Make sure you post pics when you're done!
Wow. I check in once and a while, and I find *this*?? As many others have said, congrats and good luck to you!
how about a mayflower ship? or a bundle of indian corn? maybe something that looks like a casserole dish of green bean casserole? LOL I think that would be funny.
I go with the 1"x2" slice for wedding servings. I thought about going bigger, but I've served cake at a few occasions for friends and no one wants a piece bigger than that after dinner most of the time anyways. That seems to be about the size that most of the caterers in the area cut too.Your pricing should be based on a few things:1) The cost of your ingredients and supplies.2) Time required to create cake & decorate it.2) Your local competition or what the market will...
Hi Rhonda, I usually do the coral freehand with chocolate. It sets up so much faster! If you're hesitant about free handing, do a google search and print out a couple of pics that you like. Lay your wax paper over the pictures and trace with melted chocolate. Go back over it after the first layer has set to add some extra dimension.
When you put the filling on the cake, be sure that it is as high as your dam. Otherwise, the cake settles a little and your dam squishes out slightly, creating a bulge. Hope this helps!
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