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I LOVED IT!!!! My 9 year old boy sat quietly and watched the entire slide show and heared everything she talked about.LOL!!! How many of you tuned in??? Lets give a shout out to Ms Sharon for taking time out to share all this information with us!THANK YOU SHARON ZAMBITO!!! Lets do it again soon - h
GOOD JOB!!! it is beautiful!
GREAT JOB!!! that is the cutest cake ever!!! YOU DID AMAZING! The pattern looks even better than the imprint!WAY TO GO!!!
so sweet and kind of you to make a charity cake.well first of...RELAX!!!! can draw horizontal lines with a tracing wheel on the fondant....and then make vertical lines in between the horizontal lines for bricks... kinda like this: some ideas for you
You can! I'd just put Chocolate Ganache underneath the fondant! wayyyyyyyyy easier and yummy I learnt that from Sugarshack's method.- h
I am so sorry that happened to you!I'd recommend using bubble tea straws.I traveled with a 4 tiers stacked buttercream cake,and I used Bubble tea straws for support in all SPS or anything as such.I drove 1 1/2 hour and the cake held up fine....the only problem I had..was that the sleeve filling was too runny,which was a manufacture's fault.anyways!I'd say...invest in Sugar Shack's "successful stacking " DVD! it taught me SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!Just last weekend...I...
gosh leily!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!fabulous ideas..I will keep those in my mind.Here is what my logo cupcakes looked like..EDIT! Can't seem to post pictures here - h
oh wow thanks for sharing this experience!My question is the same,did you use anything to pack around the cake? - h
#8. They are...well a "Nut job" -h
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