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I found a large wooden lazy susan at Costco last year (probably 20" across) and it has made the best turntable!!! It turns very smoothly and it is sturdy and large enough to hold the biggest cakes I do. I think it cost me about $12, you could probably find one cheaper somewhere else but the idea hit me to use it the moment I saw it at Costco. Just another idea.Kate
I'm glad to hear someone else has had problems with this frosting. I tried to make it once and I had a lot of hard sugar on the sides of my bowl, and a lot of crystalized sugar in the pan I was using. I don't think I go enough sugar mix actually into the frosting because when it did finally come together it tasted like BUTTER that was frosted onto the cake - kinda of gross. I haven't been brave enough to try it again.
Wow, thanks for the responses. I will check out our local restaurant supplier as well to see if they have a better deal. You guys are great!Kate
I was just surfing a website that had a 10" stainless steel cake lifter advertised for $18.00. It looked like an oversized round spatula that you could use to pick up cakes. I was just wondering if anyone has tried one of these and is it helpful? I always am very nervous when I'm trying to lift my cakes using my long icing spatulas. It always feels like they are going to bend under the weight of the larger cakes not to mention tip over off of them. Do you think this...
Some ideas that I've heard on here before to help with this type of problem are:1. Make sure the frosting dam between layers is a stiffer consistency frosting2. Make sure to press you layers gently together to try to prevent future settling/buldging3. Torte and fill you cakes and let them sit overnight before frosting them so they have a chance to settle and minimize buldging.I learned all those ideas from this site and I'm sure there some more tips out there. Hope...
I was hoping to wrack your brains for ideas on a cake for a girl that is graduating. She wants to study fingerprints, forensics, anthroplogy, etc. I was thinking anfinger print card, maybe some bones on the cake. Does anyone out there have any other good ideas or suggestions on how to make either of these?I'd appreciate any suggestions/ideas you'd have.Thanks,kate
ceculsk,LOL!!!!!! I only wish I was that talented!!!!! Thanks again for the thoughts you guys I really appreciate it.kate
Thanks you guys! I hope to be back to kinder and gentler things (like cake decorating) soon Kate
Not that this is a cake disaster, maybe a decorator disaster? Hopefully some of you can get a chuckle. The hubby and I decided to go away this past weeked, kids went to grandma's, and we stayed at a B&B. We didn't haveant speicif plans so we decided to go to the ski hill, actually I talked DH into it. I wanted to try snowboarding. He'd been before and he was up for it. I decided to get a lesson but It wasn't scheduled to start for a couple of hours. DH thought we...
I have been doing this when my cakes are domed, but lately my problem has been more the middles are sinking. When they are domed this trick works great! ThanksKate
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