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LOL well that is what make you an artist and me and housepainter I'm not good at getting ideas like that. I look at a papernapkin today and was thinking it would look amezing on a cake I'm doing sunday. But put it back, dont think I could copi it on the cake. But I dont mind, you guys make so many cakes I can try to copi Well people try to copi Van Gogh all the time, this is no different.... LOL
sugarbean. I just looked at your pic. It cracked me up that you sat in you church looking at your skirt at getting an idea for a cake. Both cakes are great. Love the castel.
aroostookcakes: Great mom you have, that was one h... of nice cake. KoryAK: You'r fish is so fun and great done, I'm speachless... No not really LOL. The colors on the fish are so real. You are seriosly good....You'r other cake are really beautifull, but ok, the lillies are huge LOL
I was thinking that too.... LOL
sounds amezing. well done then
well maybe I have not yet had time for baking at home. But my summer hollidays starts next week, so mayby
that is sooooo great done. havent got the nerve to try my self
cakesbyjess I noticed in your 4. pic, the pretty cakestand. Where did you get that?
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