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great I'm trying MMF for the first time tonight. Great info to have
You guys are so lucky, my boyfriend (is it still called that when we have been together for allmost 4 years?) he can hardly look at a pic of a cake. I i'm not baking for him he is not interrested. Wish we had that show here. Sounds great.
MEN..... I have to say you make it sound funny
Well I'm allmost imbarresed to post this cake, but a customer had ordered it today so here it is. I was allmost sad wenn they had ordered red gele on the strawberrys. The strawberrys where so perfect in the color, but as allways the customer get what they want...BTW its the danish flag. Hope to post something funnier later in the month.Rikke
upd a littel problem with the opload. Seems like I cant delete this messege. Sorry
I am getting better at not burning my self in the bakery, but I keep cutting my self on everything. Everything from knives to paper. At home I keep burning my self all the time, maybe becouse I'm used to the ten times larger oven in the bakery?I know how you feel, I hate wen I do something like that and get bad all so. I have a big BIG temper, so I'm allways kicking at something wen it happens. But my co-workers are used to it. I the beginning the bakery went still wenn I...
well I only bake scratch cakes, but mine are all in danish sorry. But I'd like to try some of these recipes.
I agree with anything nice here about JanH
[LOL well that is what make you an artist and me and housepainter I'm not good at getting ideas like that. I look at a papernapkin today and was thinking it would look amezing on a cake I'm doing sunday. But put it back, dont think I could copi it on the cake. But I dont mind, you guys make so many cakes I can try to copi Well people try to copi Van Gogh all the time, this is no different.... LOL[/quote]Post a van gogh, I'll copy it [/quote]Well.... it almost sounded...
Thinking maybe we should start a JanH thread????Very helpfull person as well
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