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it's a small thing, but cookies are allways great for sand.Hope to see the cake when it is done.
if you make the drawings in chocolat. The you can color it in using normal food color. kind of like making a painting This is how we make birthsday cakes in the bakery.hope it can help
The madonna idea seems more like a cake in the adult themed cakes if you ask me [/quote]
I have seen a cake that was all black, but had red ribbens. It looked really cool. red is still kind of girlie?
Hi.Masie Parrish has a book called "Sugar Dough Magic". In this book are there a great "Gone Fishin'" cake. It's full of details.
HAPPY BIRTHSDAY... I think the cake is very nice. I hope you had a nice day
Thank you for this input. It's a great help for newbies as my self. I'm a baker apprentis but tries to learn as much as possible at home. I can only say that everyone here is great at explaining even the small details. It's a great help. So thanks
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