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Well.... hmm....I'lll leave that unsaid... Why dont you find a better pic of him so I can see what you like about that boy?Is he even legal???????????
I have to say I was scared you would take my head for this.... Went a lot easier then that.... LOL
well maybe in another picture???I guess I still think of him as a littel kid...
ARRRRGGGG.... Ohhh my..... The flowers around the bottom is ok.... But on the sides and the top...... arrrggg.... where is your topper????I'd be sooooooo mad......
OHHHH NOOOOO.... Its sad when even the elder in the family cant find a way to bring family together. What are the showing the younger???
I'm still waiting for Melvira to attack me LOL
Thank G... I was scared it was only me.... ROFL
Is that him??? Sorry have only seen him as Harry Potter. ***SORRY**** Have to say I really dont like that look, He looks like a drag..... ***SORRY***ROFLAnd I agreed with you on Orlando Bloom in POTC, but here I must say I'm having doughts on your jugdment... ROFLD.... I spell so bad... Hope you can read thisDont hold this against me
thank you I cant wait to check it out
she sounds like a real nut. At least you did not start making decorations for the cake yet. Hate that kind of people.
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