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that is also one amesing site.... I'm in chok over the talent
That is truly artwork.
LOL You are all very bad people.... I think they wrote the were not getting married jet?But still.... Fun idear but I'm seriosly to long way from them (denmark) so I'm not in the contest
After 13 pages of reading I have to say it was great to see how two people can start a great community like this. I'm reality new here, and I just love every minut of the time I spend here. Getting idears and learning a lot everytime. I wish you a great wedding when you get to it, and thanks for a great site. Rikke
It looks like......... Toilet paper....LOL It looks great. Deliver and feel refreshed
great idea
I have to say that Antylucifer has given a great reply, I do almost the same thing with planning. But this weekend is driving me carzy... I have to work night in the bakery and at the same time I have to delivere a dessert-cake-table (4 kinds of different cakes) for 135 people for a wedding. Sunday (after work) I have to go to a bigger town 30 miles away to see my brothers new resturant. I can seem to find time to sleep... (and everything has to fit with babysitter and...
I'm alone with 3 kids, I know how you feel
It's gonna be great.Congrats
Hi Hoover.That is one nice cake. And welcome to CC.Rikke
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