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Can i use cake boss on my Samsung galaxy tablet?
Hi )Sorry I cant help, I ended up doing the cake a lot different. I'll post a pic in my pictures, but its not really that great )Hope you find a way to make it )
Well its not really like a danish, its a cake made with the same dough that we use to make the-buns, then we just put some filling, creme and appelmamelade inside. Roll it and the with a scissor clipping to get the look. Pretty easy really.Everyone says it a lot, and yes it is. We are also testet in rutines, tempo, hygejne and everything else. Everything is grated and in the end its all calculetet into one grate (know what I meen? F - D - B - A that kind of grades). So...
ohh you poor poor thing....Moms are great wenn it comes to babysiting. Why do they travel???? They know that we need them.... Sending you a lot of positive energi....
please help.....
one more of my table with the things I had made.
picture 1 : me getting my ugly ugly baker hat LOOOLPicture 2 : Me showing to of my kids what mommi has made Picture 3 : Getting a beer with the others in celebration that it was over.
LOOOL sorry it dident send me a mail that anyone had answed. But will cover faces and post, 30 min max... I have been a apprentis at the bakery for 3 years, normaly it takes 3 years and 7 months. I had some taken of because of my age and my workexperiencehope it answers a littel
HiDont want to post pictures if its not interesting.I went to my 6½ hours exsame + ½ hour to cleaning the bakery and decorating the table. So I have these pictures, dont know if it is interesting, but if you would like to see what kind of things we have to make in denmark to become a baker I will post them =)
I need to make a motorbike as a figurine on a cake. Can anyone help with a how to????Need it in a hurryThanks
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