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Hi! I have not been on here in a few months, I just recently (*August) moved from North Phoenix to Atlanta! I am so happy to be here in the South again! I am originally from Texas. I have just started my cake business here and would like to know if anyone is familiar with a store here called Cake Art. It is holding a class I am going to attend at the end of Jan. called "Cake as a Profession". It looks really good with lots of topics that we discuss here. Just curious!
I am an artist. I own Sanctuary Arts. I have only been doing cakes for a few months and look forward to doing them as another venture. I have already copywritten the name: The Pink Box. I remember in movies or tv when someone bought something special from a bakery it was in a pink box. Kind of the idea of the mint green boxes from Tiffany's. Everyone knows where you have been and how special that something in that container must be!
Dawn, I saw on the article regarding buttercream transfer that you used a wilton black icing to trace with. Is that already in a tube? I have never looked for pre-made icing in that form on the "cake" isle at Michaels? Is that what you used? Pinky!
Thanks! I was over at a friend's house and her computer was not working correctly. I think it was older! We figured it out, her DH showed us what to do. Lucy and Ethel with Ricky! Thanks Dawn, I will go look at what you suggested as well. At home I haveCorel Draw, my husband and I used to work for ad agencies and have lots of equipment for drawing and designing! I can't wait to get to it! Thanks again everyone, I love this site!!!Pinky!
Hi!I am trying to figure out how to get a "Get Well Soon" printed off of my computer with mirror image the correct way. Any suggestions, I know that this is easily done, but this is my first time and need some help! Not good at free hand cursive and printed out a beautiful font with these words and would love to use it TODAY!Thanks!
Hi!!!! I just about "peed" in my pants twenty-minutes ago I saw the ad on Food Network! LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see which one we all like! Hope everyone can see it! I was going to post it, thanks for thinking of all of us by posting it in enough time for everyone to set a VCR or to make time to watch! How inspiring!!!!!!!!Pinky!
The cake sounds fabulous! I agree that it would be very heavy! What flavor of icing would you do if she chooses it for the wedding cake?YOU GO GIRL!!!! I WANT PICTURES~ Pinky!
What do you do if it finally is moist but it is crumbly? I made the super enhanced doctored cake on this site last night and it was super moist and I added my icing dam with the champagne soaked strawberries for the filling and chocolate buttercream icing. I thought I maybe needed to chill the cake and it would get "together". I got it out of the fridge this morning and sliced a little (*for my "coffee time") and it was still crumbly...Any suggestions???Pinky
Just got back from the store...Albertson's has Duncan Hines on sale, 10 for 10 dollars! I bought three, thinking of going back!!!!I have a doctored cake in the oven as we speak. My first doctored, it is the Enchanted cake on this site. Has anyone had it? Sounded good. Made enough batter to make two 8X3 round cakes.Also...for a treat I have been soaking sliced strawberries in champagne for three days, just drained them and put a little granulated sugar on them for the...
melissablack,You hit the nail on the head! I thought, if I am going to start doing these for money then I need to master scratch cakes! I thought more about it, they are paying me for my artistic ability. They are also paying for great tasting cake. They don't care how I get the cake to be the right flavor, right density or texture, they just want what they want! Putting it in prospective, I know what my next purchase will be...the doctored cake book! Thanks for helping me...
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