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I just purchased cake boss as well and would like to know the answer too.
I use the "easy marshmallow fondant" recipe from this site for both kosher and halal cakes. It is made with marshmallow fluff which does not contain animal by-products. It has past the test of Jewish and Pakistani friends and taste good enough that I use it more often than not. I know that you can purchase kosher marshmallows which was the initial suggestion of my moslem friend, however the marshmallow fluff is more readily...
I think perhaps your filling might be bulging. When you stack your layers then cover them with fondant the weight will squeeze your filling out to the sides. I think an icing damn around the filling will help contain it. HTH
Tempered chocolate just means that your chocolate has a smooth shiny appearance. Tempering chocolate means that you slowly melt your chocolate without over heating and stirring gently to avoid bubbles. HTH
I was looking into my own home based baking business and that was always my fear. I owned a restaurant for 7 years and can tell you that there were timess when I was overworked and overwhelmed and times that it gave me great satisfaction and of course the additional money. I do miss it and sometime wish I could do it all again. I'm glad you posted and would love to hear some feedback as well.
As long as it's cool enough to handle you can place it in the fridge, uncovered right away. You don't want to wrap a hot cake and refrigerate it. I usually let them cool to room temperature then cover and refrigerate. HTH
I have, also, only used powdered food coloring with candy melts. I am pretty sure that any food color with a water content will not work.
There shouldn't be a problem if it's only a couple of days. I think you can refrigerate until Sunday just have her set it out to dry any condensation on the fondant a few hours prior. As long as nobody touches it the fondant will be fine and if the cake is wrapped well it will taste just fine. Good luck and congratulations in advance on the baby!
Not sure about white chocolate ganache but I have done the same thing with regular chocolate ganache and I simply heated it up let it melt back to its former state, refrigerated it and whipped again when it chilled....worked like a charm.
If you want a creamier, frosting like ganache you can whip it. I love a layer of whipped ganache topped with a layer of poured ganache. This is the recipe from CC.
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