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I have alot of semi sweet chips that i melted into heavy whipping cream left over and i dont want to throw it but i dont know what to do with it. How long can i keep it or does anyone know what else i can do with it real fast?
I downloaded it from mircosoft word. I went to INSERT and click picture and then click CLIP ART.
I have put a mound of icing in center of cake and also i have made a little cake and stacked the roses and I prefer a mound of BC.
Just another Idea I just did this Bratz cake for my daughter's 7th birthday. Sorry my picture was to big post but u can look at my profile to view my cake.
I make double BC all the time and just double the ingredients and it works fine.
I bought mine at Michael's they have a good selection and a good price, Im not sure about using them with RBC either.
i use the paddle, the one time i used the whisk it gave me bubbles.
Actually Im not in L.A. iam in Louisiana. But the weather is supposed to be really nice in the 60's and 70's (i love the weather channel) I hope you have a good time on your trip. It is beautiful out there.
The only Ms. Pat I knew lived down the road from my grandparents but they live in Iowa, LA. And I dont recall her ever having a husband. But sorry I dont know anyone from Vinton. I hope you find her, I recently went through something like that trying to find a friend and one day I just saw her at Wal-Mart. Good Luck
I was wondering if anyone is from Lake Charles, LA or anywhere close to here. No reason for asking just wondering if anyone else was close by
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