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I love, love, LOVE my Canon IP3600.  I don't recall if this is my third or fourth edible image printer, but it's by FAR the best I've used.  I use Icing Images ink in the refill bottles and am so glad I went that route.    Hope that helps.
Cakechick's approach makes sense to me.  It seems that because you accepted her payment in full, you agreed to an "implied contract."  i think it would be kind of tacky of you to take her money and not produce a cake.  But, I do understand your need to cover yourself if there are problems.  Just canceling on her at this date seems wrong, somehow. 
You shouldn't have to do this, but maybe put in a drop or two of red and try again??  
I did my own wedding cake last year.  I knew I would never be truly happy with a cake done by someone else.  It was not my first wedding cake, so I wasn't overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task.  Oh, yeah...I did the grooms cakes too.  Two of them because they were regular sized salted caramel chocolate layer cakes.   I did lots of it  beforehand.   Gumpaste flowers.  Icing.  Ganache.  Anything I could do in the weeks before...I did.  The day of, I made sure the...
The local favorite as far as cupcakes go is Muddy's.  They are reasonably priced, locally owned, and the shop is adorable.  The cupcakes are to die for.  Not glopped with too much icing like Gigi's.  They are perfection.  It's on Sanderlin in East Memphis, and really isn't near anything.  But a Google map will get you there easily.  They don't go in for fancy decoration - just really, really good cupcakes.   As for supplies, Mary Carter's is the old standby.  It's... didn't have a formal agreement about how she would be paid?  No deposit terms?  No "half now - half upon completion" kind of deal?  If not, she's free to invoice you for whatever she wants.  And you are free to pay it...or not.  This doesn't look like it's going to end well.  Be thankful you can get out of it before any more damage is done. 
I don't work in fondant much, but when I do, I use MMF exclusively.  I have never really had a problem handling it.  I do roll it out on a large plastic mat, though - very similar to Sweet Wise's "The Mat.?  That helped a lot.  I'd really urge you to do a practice cake (or two) prior to diving in on the wedding cake.  That'll give you a feel for handling it.  And probably will increase your confidence level.
I have a commercial convection oven where I work.  Tried it once to save time, but thought it was awful.  IMHO, convection ovens are not good for baked goods.  Casseroles, meats, etc., are great in it.  But cakes...not so much.   Try bringing the oven up to temperature and then shutting off the fan when you put the cakes in. 
I had the same problem. It started out sideways but I rotated it in my graphics software and saved it right side up. But when I posted it, it went sideways again. Crazy.
I sometimes go weeks and weeks between use of my edible printer.  I do not remove the cartridges. I don't stand on my head or do anything unduly taxing.  I have a Canon 3600.  It's real name might be IP3600 or something like that, but I don't have my glasses on!  Anyway, the printer driver on this (and probably most) printers comes with a set of maintenance operations, including head cleaning.  I will print a test image of magenta, cyan, yellow and black dots using plain...
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