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Ok, well it depends on what he is a producer of.  Is it commercial production or news production?  Both involve cameras, lights, etc.  News would involve new anchors at a desk with monitors built in which contain their "scripts" for the newscast.  Commercial production would involve a set for the commerical, so pick a product, maybe his own birthday commercial.  The use of chroma key, is a background of either solid green or solid blue  to which any picture can be...
Thank you Meme1. I was debating about using blue with purple or blue with aqua. Your suggestion sounds like it might give the result I was looking for. Thanks again!
I am making a Batman cake for my granson's birthday and would like to color the fondant a night sky color. I have access to Wilton and Americolors from Hobby Lobby. What would you suggest to achieve a night sky color? Many thanks
The only thing that works for me consistently is to crumb coat my cake and let it settle, then carve the bulge and ice. Let settle after icing and then cover with fondant. I let it settle overnight both times, which lengthens the whole process but it is what it is...hth.
The price you would ask for the cake would vary from place to place. For instance, the price you might get for a cake, such as the one you pictured, in NYC would be vastly different from the price you might get in Two Egg, FL. That said, calculate your costs and think of everything from toothpicks to parchment paper, wear and tear on pans to electrical costs, etc. Decide how much per hour you would like to be paid for your skills and multiply that out by the amount of...
Thank you. The balloon is a great idea!
Does anyone have a template or tutorial to how to pipe a 3-D parasol? Here is a link to a picture of what I had in mind.
Thanks everyone. I think all very good ideas! Hadn't thought about the "under the bed" containers either. That would make it easier for a short peson like me.
Thanks I will check out both. You guys rock!
Oh, yes! I do see what you mean. I hadn't thought of that. They could also be washed, which would be nice. Thanks for the idea. Now to find a good source for baskets
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