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I posted this in the recipe section, but it has not been formatted yet to show up. This is a bit sweet but sooo yummy! Plus it doesn't have to be refridgerated.Yields a generous amount for a 9x13x2 cake.2 jars marshmallow fluff (7 oz each)1 cup shortening (not butter flavored)2/3 cup powdered sugar1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla15-20 Oreos crushed into small to medium pieces4 teaspoons hot waterpinch to 1/4 teaspoon saltCombine marshmallow fluff, shortening, powdered sugar...
Thank you so much for the explanation! This site is wonderful and it keeps getting better!!!
How does the system work here on CC? I posted a recipe but it doesn't show up when I search for it. So I tried to repost it and it said it existed already.TIA
Thank you. So now my question is...If I need something to have a curve when dry - will it be hard enough not to sag if nothing is underneath it to support it? ex. - a handle to somethingIf I make it at 11 PM and I need it for 11 AM is that enough time for gumpaste to dry hard?Thx again!
In general how long does it take for ...fondant decorations to dry? Or do you want to put them on the cake when they are still plyable?gumpaste?royal icing?If you are working with something flat vs. a figure or something a bit thicker like a rope? I obvisously am not allowing enough time and then I am caught in a pickle for how I will rework my designs.TIA!!! I'm getting so frustrated
Thank you all!!! I do realize I am not a professional - amature at best. I will keep baking!!! I will post a pic of my "back-up" cake I took to the party. The ladies at the facility were very impressed and told me I should go into business. Which I thought was very nice. It is those types of compliments that mean the most - they have no vested interest in me, kwim? I joked around with one of the owners that I had a thought of making their logo in the shape of a cake...
NO picture! I couldn't even get myself to do it. I didn't finish it since I needed to redo most of the decorations and it had a huge finger drags down the side Thanks for the compliment - I know I expect way too much of myself. I have only done a handful of cakes. I had high hopes and I let myself down.
I so wanted to make a cake in the shape of a fire truck for my son's birthday today. I started planning a couple weeks ago - shalderman gave me some excellent directions. I figured even I, the complete novice could do it with proper planning. I made decorations out of RI, Colorflow, and fondant. The RI pieces kept breaking so I made a few out of melted chocolate - those too broke! I figured if worse came to worse I would use BC. Fast forward to Tuesday - I made...
Congrats Jen and Theresa!!!Your cakes were definitely the best on display! I'm glad you both won first place in your divisions. I have something to look forward to doing in the future when I get a few cakes under my belt. ALthough I will have to find my own county fair to attend . Jen, It was nice to meet you. Theresa, I tried to come up afterward, but you were surrounded and my little ones were asleep.~Dawn
I noticed in an earlier post that the competition is at 3:30 PM - do you know if the cakes will be on display prior to that?I convinced my husband to go with me tomorrow with the kids since we missed the Del Mar Fair this year (he loves the fair). We need to leave around 3:30 or 4:00 for another committment, but I would LOVE to see the cakes!!Good luck to you all!
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