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Anyone? Please? I know it is too late to try for my son's cake, but I still would like to know for the future.TIA
Thank you all. Darcat - I don't know why I didn't think to google it Very interesting!My mom mentioned that white butter is usually used at hotels for wedding receptions. I did try a local health food store with no luck. My local cake supply store doesn't have it either. Since it really is just the color variation, at least I know I will be okay using regular butter (just not for a white cake)
Is there any difference in white butter to regular butter other than color? I saw a recipe that calls for unsalted white butter of high quality. Where would I find this?TIA
I have done this and I have a recipe for oreo filling - another o-reo post recently I typed it out. They do not go mushy - you still have the texture of the oreo.
I have read most of the threads on hi-ratio and seen some of the recipes. My question is when they say 1c hi-ratio to 2 lbs PS is the rest of BC recipe the same? So I would still add butter?I have been using the Wilton BC recipe and if I doubled it it would be 1 C vegetable shortening and 2 lbs PS and 1 c butter. That looks to be the same as a 1:1 ratio that everyone is saying NOT to do.I do not need this for a wedding cake and the BC will be colored. I don't have...
I would not replace all of the water. I have had sucess by either replacing up to 1/2 cup or make the recipe as stated and add up to a 1/3 cup of creamer. I have also added a box of pudding when adding extra creamer. There is a white chocolate pudding mix too.From my experience I can not taste the raspberry in the creamer once the cake is cooked. I have had to add raspberry flavor too. Others on here have had GREAT sucess with the WCR creamer.Good luck!
You don't tie it to anything. You hold the two ends between your thumb and pointer finger - as if you were tying a shoe lace. Does that make sense? If your line/floss slips before you start pulling it, your cake can still be cut lopsided.
No question is stupid!! You are correct, no flavor. If you use fishing line I use 4, 6, or 8 lb tess. Anything will work - what ever you or a family member has on hand. Generally speaking most people have dental floss at home and it works the same way.
I have used dental floss and fishing line. I measure it out to go completely around the cake plus some. Line up the floss/line to where you want to torte, making sure it does not slip. Cross the ends over and keep pulling until you have a straight line which has torted through the entire cake. It is VERY easy to do.GOOD LUCK
I haven't been doing this long enough to get negative names (in fun of course), but my husband does call me "Little Chef" after seeing Ratatouille (I'm 4'11").I only get to bake and decorate after they are ALL in bed (husband included). Even then I get interrupted - baby waking up, dog needs to go out, dog needs to come in, dog need to go out....
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