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I would like to frost some mini cupcakes with a very smooth top. I saw a picture in a Peggy Posrschen book where she held the full size cupcake by the paper, turned it upside down and dipped the top of the cupcake into the liquified icing.Her recipe called for a huge amount of premade fondant that she added other ingredients to before she microwaved it to become liquid. My question is can you do this technique with buttercream? Is there a formal name for this technique?...
Along the same lines, I just pour a specific amount into a small freezer bag (1/4 c, 2/3c, etc.) seal, label and freeze. Grab one freezer bag when needed. Since they are in liquid form going into the freezer, I can lay them flat, stack them and then I put them in a larger ziplock so they don't slide all over the place.
ckkerber,Thank you for posting all the yummy recipes! I don't know which combo I want to try first. Being new to cake baking I forget about other websites out there with good recipes!Thanks for sharing your finds and experiences!!p.s. my sister has the same birthday as you
I am, I am! Before I came to CC my on-line name was Cheesecake Lady - and for good reason. I have two recipes that have been published in International cookbooks granted, I submitted them - no taste test required for publication The response to my cheesecakes was so grand that I was trying to open a cheesecake and truffle store. The competition with Costco and Sams offering Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes for pennys put that idea out of my head. So, a few months...
Absolutely! Thank you!!I have a favor to ask - when you are taking the pictures to go along with the tutorial - will you include one of the side and and back of it? I know it sounds strange, but this will show the depth of the transfer. I have made a couple and I don't know if they are thick enough or if they are too thin to stand on a cake versus just being laid on top of. Thank you soooo much!!
Thank you!
I have looked everywhere for a lemon mousse recipe. I could use a curd recipe or from a jar, but I would like to have something light and fluffy but not just BC mixed with lemon curd.Does anyone have a Tried n True recipe? Or how would I modify a lemon curd into a mousse?Thank you!!!
Martha - it turned out AWESOME!!! definitely a winner. So much thought went into it. Congratulations on a job well done. Let us know the results of the fair!
I'm not sure about the monogram, but the flowers I have seen molds and mats/embossers for.
What does "stabalized" mean? I have seen this in other recipes or descriptions of mousse fillings.Thanks
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