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Thank you very much!
I have done a ton of reading but I find conflicting answers so I figured I would ask you kind ladies...I'm going to attempt my first batch of cookies tomorrow. I don't have a silpat but I do have parchment paper I can bake them on.1) Should I let the ingredients all come to room temp first or does it not matter?2) Once cooled do they need to be decorated right away or can I wait a day? 3) If I wait a day do I need to freeze them in the interim? If I do freeze them...
jkalman hit the nail on the head - don't have too high of expectations. Their idea of perfect is much different than yours. Having fun is teh most important part and the memories you are creating are priceless! Make sure they wash their hands and I give them their own apron.My son started cooking with me by 2 and now he is 5 and a darn good little chef. My other son is now 2 and he also likes to help mommy in the kitchen.Instead of doing at the counter, I generally...
Thank you for sharing! How wonderful - you make it look so easy.
It looks amazing!in Italian apple pie is: torta di meledelicious is : squisito or deliziosoI don't speak Italian so I don't know if the delizioso goes in front or behind torta di mele.Here is the site I used to translate You could have lots of fun with it - just keep it so your customers can pronounce it and not end up refering to it as " you know, your apple pie".
So, did you try this? I know you did not get your answers, sorry! But I was wondering if you tried it and how it turned out.Thx
First off, welcome to CC - we hope you stay awhile, even after you find your cheesecake recipe This is one that is in the recipe section, but it doesn't have the cookie crust. have made cheesecakes for years and pretty much you should be able to use any cookie dough for your base and a "matching" cheesecake recipe for the topping. You will have to adjust your cooking time down since you are not...
forgive my ignorance - what is rolled BC?Thx
Thank you both - I think I have more confidence now in using fondant circles (which was my first choice anyway). I did like the look Peggy Porschen got with her dipping technique - shiny.
Thank you for your replies. In order to get the fondant to stick I will need to first frost a bit with BC?So, in my original question- is there a name for that technique?Thanks!
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