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Just curious for those that used the Mold Builder - why so you empty the bottle out and then cork it?  If you kept the original cap on, then you wouldn't have to make a new one out of fondant.    I just tried to make the mold out of Amazing Mold Putty - it is in a 2/3 lb. box.  Not knowing how much I would need and you have to work FAST (less than 5 minutes total), I used the entire package for both compounds.  I was disappointed that it did not cover the entire...
Thank you! I hadn't seen that one before (even with my hours of searching on-line). I wonder which brand of colors they are using? There are so many variations out there. The color wheel suggests putting more blue in it to get teh deeper purple look. However, many of the combos show more red.Off to try some more before I make it a done deal
It has been awhile since I was on Cake Central. There used to be a chart on how to achieve certain colors. I am in desperate need of getting a pretty DEEP purple using Americolor gels. It is due tomorrow morning. I have experimented with lots of different combos but not getting what I want. Please help. TIA
INDYDEBI - that was the direction I was headed - chocolate cake with a carmel filling and a PB buttercream or a chocolate cake with a PB filling and a carmel buttercream with crushed pretzels as the topping. I was thinking chocolate covered pretzels, hadn't heard of PB filled ones. I would need to be careful not to introduce too many chocolate flavors or 2 different PB flavors.When you said turtle - I'm thinking I hav an excellent cheesecake I could make her. HMMM
My friend asked me to make her a cake that was chocolate, salty, carmel, peanut butter & pretzel. How would you marry these flavors? Then, do you have an y tried and true recipes? She needs it for Sunday night.TIA!!
Thank you!
Thank you icingimages. Those are great hints!My local Stare Bros. grocery store made the image for me. I will turn it upside down now. I will be covering the majority of the cake in a layer of fondant. The image will then go on top of that (it will look like a bottle label). I'm assuming it is okay to put the layer of fondant on the cake Friday (cake being made, fillied and iced in bc today). So, how far in advanced can I apply the image to the fondant if I am...
I will be putting one on top of fondant. I was planning on putting a thin layer of bc ontop of the fondant before placing the image on. I was told that if the image gets dry it will crack. I have never used fondant before. I will be making the cake on Thursday and decorating on Friday for a Saturday delivery. Will the fondant & transfer dry out by then or will it be okay?Thank you!
If you take your image in to your local grocery they might do it. Our local Albertsons and Sams Club will NOT do it, but Stater Bros. was more than willing to do it for me. $8.
As another example...A friend shipped me a cheesecake from NY to CA for my birthday seven years ago. The act wasn't weather that prevented it from getting to me on time, it was terrorism. 9-11 grounded planes for days. When I recieved my cheesecake it was well past the perishable date.I knew it was not Carnegie Deli's fault that my cheesecake didn't arrive on time. But...I called them and asked if there was any way I could get another one. They said they would check...
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