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I just had my first wedding cake....a 3 tiered simple fondant covered cake. A few things went wrong and this wedding cake and grooms cake ended up being an all-nighter.The fondant rolled fine, but then when I put it on the round tier I couldn't get rid of all the wrinkles around the bottom...big overlapping layers. What do you do with all that extra??? Then the filling started bulging and the tiers seem like they are "rounding" The lady that I did this for knows I'm...
I tried a "new" recipe of chocolate buttercream this weekend, that flopped! Wouldn't smooth at all...Can you all give me your opinion of the best buttercream recipes from this site..the ones that work best for smoothness, decorations, taste...thanks! There are so many recipes out there!!!
Do you guys use the cardboard round or the plastic round? If those pillars are 1/4" above the cake, then I place that plastic round with the "feet" inside those pillars, then it will sit "above" the cake and not "against" the cake. I can't put on a small beaded border if the top tier doesn't sit against the bottom tear. That tray is in the way and has lifted it above the bottom tier.
I'm really frustrated! Each time I make a tiered cake (I use the hidden pillar method) tiers won't be flush with the tier that's underneath it. Take for example my brown/pink polka dot cake...see the 3 layers of beads..guess why? I don't know what I"m doing wrong! How can I get that cake to be flush so that I don't have to "build up" around it so much...there's such airspace!Can someone help me out? This cake had a million problems on its own, but that was the...
that's a great site! thanks, makes perfect sense NOW...that's seems very easy and very doable, and very fun.thanks for the bump!
I don't quite understand how you ice a group of cupcakes so it looks like one flat you cut the tops off???need a little guidance on this one...thanks!
i use the gel colors and when i'm adding the color i use a toothpick to dip into the jar and spread it on the icing..BUT when you're trying to create colors and people say on the charts a drop or 2 in the world can you gauge that?Does CC have a color mixing chart available somewhere?for my WB cake I had to throw out an entire batch of what i tried to make was the weirdest color i've ever seen in my life! haha
Funny! i'm from georgia and have been here 20 years.... i live in waunakee (the only waunakee in the world - our proud slogan ! haha)'s about 10 minutes from madison...kind of between madison and sun prairie...where did you say you were now?
that's an excellent idea! I've got another cake tomorrow! I'll definitely do the cake dam!Thanks so much!thanks to everyone who ran to my aid...everything went wrong last night and i didn't never made it to bed...the color I was trying to achieve...didn't. So i had to make another batch of buttercream. Then i couldn't arrange enough room in the fridge....find the cooler... The chocolate pieces broke, the icing looks "rough" it was one of those "if it could go...
thank you thank you thank you.....starting to exhale.....remembering my mantra..."cake decorating is fun! cake decorating is fun! cake decorating is fun!"
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