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I have a bridal-shower cake due on Tuesday. They are only needing a 9x13 cake but I thought I would add a 6" heart on top. Would this look odd?
I have a gingerbread girl in my pictures. She's wearing a dress and pearls.
What are you storing all those cookies in?
The product I'm talking about is like lustre dust except it is powder in glitter form.I plan to use it to accent sugar cookies with royal icing.
I bought some glitter dust for christmas decorating and was wondering what the best way to apply it would be. Would you do a wet or dry application?
Okay, this may be a stupid question but I can't seem to figure it out. I want to use the cake matrix to figure out pricing for the sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies I'll be making for an upcoming craft fair. I plug in my ingredients for one batch of NFSC and it provides a price. Now, this seems to be based on a 'per batch' basis. Do I divide the total amount by the approximate number of cookies it is supposed to make? If so, that works out to pennies. If I change my...
heavenscent... I took your suggestion and headed over to google and found this recipe. I will give it a try. I'm going to be making reindeer cookies and wanted a chocolate coloured covering.
Thanks Peeverly. I'll give it a try.
Is there such a thing as chocolate royal icing? If so, does anyone have a recipe?
On the 23rd of November, my office is having a craft sale to raise funds for a Transition House we support over Christmas. I would like to sell cookies.Question: If I freeze the cookies then defrost them to decorate, can they be refrozen and will this affect their freshness?Since this is a month before Christmas, I want to make sure I have an answer if someone asks me if they can be frozen until Christmas time.
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