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Well, since this is a cake website I'll suggest CAKE! I just made a Banana Cake from a recipe I found here with sour cream as one of the ingredients. Everyone in the office loved it. I used a raspberry filling.My other suggestion (non-cake related) is a ChocoMonkey Smoothie. I throw frozen bananas and chocolate silk soy milk into a blender for a healthy summer treat. You can add yogurt, cottage cheese, powdered protein, etc.
I realize this initial post is almost a year old, but I tried this recipe for the first time tonight and was so disappointed. Was I wrong to think I could decorate with cream cheese frosting? It was so soft and melty. The temp in my house is pretty cool so I don't think that was it. Any other advice?
Good thinking on the eggs. That didn't even occur to me. Thanks! The garbage gets it!
I attempted to make a cake from scratch (a Banana Cake). I usually make box cakes. I baked the cake on Wednesday night to ice last night (Thursday). When I torted the cake, I discovered it had not cooked all the way through. (Yes, I did test it for doneness before taking it from the oven.) Can you put a cake back in the oven a day later to finish baking?
You should check out this recent posting. I found it very helpful.
Thank you for all of the advice! I'm going to do a test run this week and see how long it takes me to do a dozen. I'm not fully committed to it so I can always say no. Yellobutterfly - no, I'd be charging for them. I'm thinking between $.55 and $.60 a cookie. Surfergina - Good thinking on the "room in the freezer". I didn't even consider that. Thanks!Katie
So, in an effort to drum up business, I opened my big mouth and volunteered my "newbie" expertise to make cookies for an upcoming conference in my city. I volunteered before knowing the number of cookies I would be required to make. (Remember, I'm new!)Anyway, I've got some time here...until the beginning of make 500 cookies! 500!!! So here are my questions:1. How far in advance should I start?2. How long can I freeze completed cookies?The design is fairly...
Thank you KHalstead for the tip about using a super soft brush to apply luster dust! I only wish I had known this on Friday. I used a regular paint decorating brush and it left little grooves in my BC. Has anyone else had a problem with extra dust on their cake? How do you get it off?
Thank you very much!
Does anyone have a tasty suggestion for a filling in an Orange flavored cake?Thanks!
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