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hello cakesters,i am about to make some icing to cover my cake by using the recipe "decorator's cream cheese frosting" found here on CC. i was wondering if i can flavour it with fresh lemon and white chocolate....also is it okay to use this particular frosting underneath me...puh-leeze! cake needs to be done soon!!gracias!Shirley
call customer service and see if they will give you the sale price and credit you the wishes
dear fellow cakers,howdy!!does anyone know a delicious and sturdy lemon cake recipe? and what type of filling could i use?i am going to make my daughter's christening cake next week that i will stack two tier high. the bottom layer will be 3 eight inch round cakes and the top tier a torted 6 inch round.would there be a way to use the WASC for a lemon cake?if anyone has a delicious lemon cake recipe, please share.thank you!Shirley
hi, everyone!okay so i plan to make my daughter's birthday for this sunday's luau themed party.tiered double high 8 in and 6 in rounds. there will be about 17 6-7 year olds, is this enough cake? i am going to use the WASC recipe but instead of it being white cake i want french vanilla with strawberry filling. maybe i'll have enough left over batter to make some cupcakes.i plan on covering it with fondarific fondant. do you think the decorators cream cheese frosting to...
awesome! so do i still need to crumb coat and then put another layer of imbc thick enough to hide the "imperfections"?we live far west texas so i don't think humidity will play a big factor!i just saw warren brown's youtube video on making imbc...wonder if i can pull it off considering i am just a cake hobbyist. should i make a trial run of the imbc?thank you all for you input....!
hello fellow cakers!i am making my daughter's birthday cake this coming weekend and wondered if i could use a swiss/italian meringue buttercream underneath the fondant.hope to hear from you soon!
OMG, SugarFrosted! i am so estatic you made that post on the topsy turvy cake pans. THANK YOU!!
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