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I have a blog. I have only had it for about a week now and it averages about 50 to 60 visitors a day. I circulate traffic to my blog by updating my status on facebook every morning to include my link to my most recent post and also updating my status on myspace to do the same.Another thing I do is visit other blogs and leave comments on their posts. People will often visit the link to a blog of the person who has commented on theirs.The cakes and such on my blog are no...
I had a dream (which I often do) about a new cake combo of flavors that I would like to try. The cake in my dream sort of goes like this:Basic moist yellow cake with just a touch of orange extract.Filling will be apricot preserves (possibly folded with cream).Frosted with Southern Comfort (the alcohol) buttercream.I was wondering. Is is safe to reduce the Southern Comfort on the stove top in a sauce pan on a slow simmer?
What a GREAT video! I am ready to try again! Wish me luck!
I need help. When I covered my cake with fondant, it wanted to do folds (like when you cover a table with a table cloth). I am certain there is a tutorial here about this, I just could not find it. Any help would be GREAT!Thanks in advance!
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