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aswartzw- I use that same recipe. I absolutely love it. I had been searching for a really good chocolate cake recipe for years and stopped when I found that one!
Thanks guys! For a minute there I thought grama_j had multiple personalities and was talking to herself! Thank you Susie and Stacey. That should get me going in the right direction
Can anyone tell me what colors you mix to get plum and mango? I am terrible with colors!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!Chastity
Ok, my church is celebrating it's 200th year. It was founded in 1808 so they are having a big bicentennial celebration and basically going back to the 1800's. They asked me to do the cake and the only thing I was told was to make it three tiers with something old on it. Uh, ok...this is where all of you wonderfully creative and talented CC ers come in. I am not at all creative so ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I just had the motherboard replaced on my computer a couple of weeks ago and had memory added to it to make it run faster. It has been so slow for the past week! After reading this forum I bought a spyware program and had it scan my computer and it was infected with 5 different trojans and a lot of tracking cookies. I had it fix the errors and it seems to be running MUCH better now. I was ready to call the people that fixed my computer and let them have it!
I'm pretty sure that was piping gel and I have seen people use it to make scrolls on the sides of the cake. I've wanted to try it myself because I love the way it looks.
I found this...
Ditto avenje. Ever since I started mixing in the shortening it works MUCH better!
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