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Please help.. Dairy,nut,vegetable and fruit allergies...... Can anyone help with a vanilla cake recipe and butter cream recipe.... Thank you in advance:)
I have also purchased marvelous molds... In which I LOVE.... Dominic thank you for my mold addiction and helping me create wonderful cakes. Easy to use, once you practice... Can't wait to buy the newest designs... I have purchased on aliexpress and never had a problem with anything I have bought. They send your purchase and then release payment to the supplier. I bought designer rolling pins and one was missing, they quickly sent me 2, I received them in a week, no...
Just wondering if in any way will really thin fondant work on a sugar veil mat... Has anyone dared to try this or would it be a disaster ??
You can use clear piping gel, small dot 1 writing tip should work... Happy caking
Maybenot, thank you for the help on trying to master chocolate transfer sheets on fondant... I will give it a try. Therese
I've seen the you tube videos on transfer sheets on fondant.... Yeah, tried it, fondant was sticky and stuck to the mat..... What's the secret... Can anyone help.... Please
HATE...... THE NEW FORMAT!!!! I only use my ipad, and have for the last year. NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED... WHY so many changes, don't fix something that is not broke..... Also my on line subscription has ended early with NO EXPLANATION!!!!! First you take my $$$ for magazine that folded and then take away on line magazine and then change EVERYTHING so I can't view on my ipad.... What's next.... Can't wait to see. FRUSTRATED.... I can't be the only one!!!!!!!!' I USE TO...
So it's not just me... I'm not crazy.... How the bleep... Do you comment on a picture... CAKE CENTRAL I know you will read this, PLEASE make it EASIER for us NOT HARDER.... Now I only look at the new pictures BECAUSE I don't have 2 hours to spend trying to figure things out !!!!!! Maybe when enough people complain THEY WILL LISTEN. Sometimes changes are not always for the good.
I am looking for different flavors to put in my icings... I need to change it up a little.. What is your favorite??? Thanks Therese
Thank you for the advice Therese
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