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Thanks all for the ideas and suggestions. I will do my best to convince the client to work on a different idea. 
Well, I did not explain myself enough - this is not a wedding cake, but a his and hers birthday cake when their respective birthdays are just one day apart!
I have searched the web for examples of such cake, without success. Has anyone ever made a cake like this? Any ideas how to approach it?: cover each half separately, use an airbrush?
Happy birthday!As for the gel colors, I had a very good shopping experience with
I made a laptop computer just last week! Had the same problem with the lid, and this is how I solved it: before covering the lid with fondant, I glued in the back a series of flat sticks, all protruding enough to be inserted deep into the cake. Covered the lid, and all I had left was to place the lid, with the sticks securing it in place. Just to make sure, I added a piece of fondant in the bottom back of the screen
I have an Iwata airbrush and from personal experience I would like to warn you: when and if you purchase any airbrush and if you intend to color a whole cake - make sure that you purchase an airbrush with a color cup big enough, otherwise you will find yourself shading a little bit of the cake and in need to refill the cup many times until you are finished. A real bother! I was not aware of this when I purchased mine so I would want to pass on my experience. I just had a...
How about making two small cakes and arranging them side by side? This way the whole project will be much much easier to handle, you can fill each cake separately, carve them and after covering them with rolled fondant nobody will notice the difference!
I have an Iwata Silver Jet and have been using the Americolor colors for more than a year. They come ready to use, so there is no need to thin them down. I would be weary to add any flavor, since you do not know how dense the flavors are, and they may clog your airbrush. After each use I just fill the cup with water and spray the water into a bottle at least four or five times, until the water comes out clear.
I will be happy to answer any questions you have, and to help you any way I can. As for the size, if I remember correctly, it was a cube about 10-12 cm on each side. rice crispies treat inside, I prepared each side panel separately and then glued them to the rice crispies. Please pm me with any question you have.And a big thank you for your compliments!!
Are you making the cake in the shape of wall-e? I recently made one, but it was a topper, the body was made of rice crispies treats. I made the arms of gum paste, let it dry partially, and glued them to the body using little pieces of spaghetti stuck into the body, and that stood up all along the line of the arm. Hope this picture helps
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