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I would try different marshmallow brands and make sure you add in the right amount of ps. Also the weather really affects how my MMF works for me.
I wanted to use glace to cover cookies but do they need refrigeration since it has milk in it???
Artsy this seems like it would make a lot of icing - do you know about how much?
If i wanted to make a cake that was 3 tiers and each tier was 6in highwould you use SPS with the columns cut taller- i know they come up to 9inches but wow that seems like a lot of cake to support??
i would like to lighten the color up a bit???
i've just started using it and love it but this time i need 6in columns. Are the 9in ones easy to cut down and are they marked at each inch or what?thanks for any help
thanks everyone
btw when using a level put it on your counter first to see how level it is- made that mistake several times before i figured out my counter wasn't exactly perfect and so then when the cakes looked level they really weren't
great advice
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