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I'm referring to the standard ones.
Well a batch using 8 eggs makes 80 cupcakes, so that's $.009 worth of egg in each. SMBC is very light (air is free and takes up space) and the rest of the ingredients cost less per ounce than the butter does. Trust me, the math works out. Cupcakes are small.
"backwards"? Is that a thing?  I often do the top border in one direction and the bottom border in the other.... I really don't think it matters (righty)
Yep Bakels is the WORST.  I'm in Alaska with very low to no humidity and it won't dry here either.
You can pull off the little pollen dohickeys before you put them on the cake :) Most florists do that in arrangements anyway
You can't really have the styrofoam touching the cake below so you need a cardboard underneath as the pp said.  When you hammer the center dowel through (and yes I ALWAYS use one for this setup, just too precarious without IMO) it's going through everything really tightly and I have never had an issue with any strofoam bits migrating to lower layers.   Or just do the cardboards to avoid that entirely not to mention those are typically cheaper than styro anyway.
Styrofoam or several cardboards glued together then covered with fondant or ribbon on the side works great for that.  I've done it a lot.
For me, that would have been $230. ($175 cake, 35 figure, and 20 decor)
What did you decide to do?   And FTR I'm in the "she paid you have to make it or give a full refund" camp.
Yep, I have a "sole provider" clause in my wedding contract that reads:   SOLE PROVIDER: All cakes, edible or display, for this event must be supplied by SPD. If any cake is provided by anyone other than SPD (including groom’s and sheet cakes), we will not deliver our cakes and all payments will be forfeited.  The undelivered cake must be picked up the day after the event or we will dispose of it at our discretion.   If they want chocolate covered strawberries,...
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