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What's with using the flower nail? That went right over my head? Suzanna
Hey, I just made a cake this weekend using a similar recipe.... I used a white cake mix, milk, oil and egg whites and mine was the same way. The customer wanted an 11x15x2 chocolate cake with an 11x15x2 white cake on top and buttercream in between. Everything was fine until I went to put the white cake on top and it crumbled in my into 8 pieces and when I was picking it up it was crumbling away. It was also a moist, delicious cake....just a crumbly one!!! ...
Neat-o, I will have to check it out!!!
yeah, somebody fill us newbies in....
I love reading all these posts too!! It is fun to find out about your friends! I am a SAHM to two girls (2 1/2 and 19 months). I started decorating cakes to save money, and earn some. I have been decorating cakes since September 2004 and I love it. I have a degree in Speech Communication and have worked in accounts payable and as an administrative far being a SAHM has been the most fun and rewarding, but I miss having co-workers to chat with and go to...
Yeah, I would ice it first!
yes, mom of three, that is the idea. I might try wooden dowels....if I do, I will definitely buy some of those cutter things..... Suzanna
Yeah, but I think the 4" look better!! But you do need to go with how many you need to feed! Suzanna
dowels are the wooden rods and you can put them down the center but, if you are stacking cakes you put the tiers on cardboard or something and then push in the dowels or straws in and you have to cut them to the desired length. Usually you put in four in the base cake and then rest the top cake on top. The problem with wooden dowels is cutting them can be a pain....straws cut much easier.
cool, can't wait to see it for us!!!Suzanna
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