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Thanks for the info on the boxes!
Wow, these are some beautiful cookies! Maybe for May I will be able to do some.
I'm so happy to finally get the know how on how to do these. Did them once a couple years ago for my kids teachers. Disaster! Think I'll try them again now that I know the secrets! Thanks!!
What are they called? Especially since you got them in the clay aisle.
Hello,I've seen lots of cakes and cupcakes decorated with the tiniest flowers and other cut-out decorations. Where would I get something like that?TIAKaren
I use the DH all the time. Very good taste and texture.
Thanks for the post Mel....can't wait to try some of these recipes.
Happy birthday to you!!
Win....thanks for posting that one. I'm at work watching it and had to suck the tears back in and hope nobody came in. That was absolutely beautiful.
They told me it was to preserve the cake and was supposed to be peeled off.. lol.[/quote] That's funny.
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