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When I did mine, I used a doctored cake mix and filled each pan about 1/2 full. It used the full cake mix. And also, I just used white chocolate chips and tinted them pick and painted the bottom pan. Worked like a charm.Hope that helps.
Could not have said it better!
No worries Tracy....I completely understand.
Does anyone know who did a cookie with a mosquito and another one of a campfire. I had them saved to my favorites and now can't find the picture. I've searched every possible way I can think of and still can't find it. Any help would be appreciated!ThanksKaren
I need to make one of these for Sat. July 3rd. I can't find the Wilton one anywhere right now. I've seen the silicone one "as seen on TV" brand. Has anyone ever used this. Or am I better off baking 4in cakes and carving them? Need opinions. Thanks,Karen
I doctor up a DH mix with an extra egg, pudding, and sour cream. Mine turns out moist everytime.
I was asked to make pink fuzzy handcuff cookies for a friend of mine who is being transferred to a different department. Any ideas?TIA
Beautiful cookies Linedancer!
Anybody? I know somebody must have a really good brownie recipe out there besides putting chocolate chips in it. Help me please
My daughter's class is having a mother's day tea on Friday and I was asked to make a pan of brownies. I don't really want to do plain old brownies. Anybody have a good and different recipe and or some cute ideas to decorate them. TIAKaren
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