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Very impressive tip...I'll have to remember that one.
This is truely a fabulous cake...I can't give any advice on how to do it though, as I'm just a cakemaker wannabe right now. I just enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the forums. Can't wait to see your version!
These sound very good and very simple. The kind I make are made out of cream cheese and oreo cookies ground up very fine and then I dip mine in chocolate too. These are very good.
Good for you, I can't wait to get there either!! I find myself on this site every chance I get. I love looking at all the pictures.
The juicier types of berries won't make the cake mushy?
My son wants a fruit filled cake. What other kind of fruit can I put inside of the cake besides strawberries and blueberries?
Thank you for your ideas. They were very helpful.
The auction is next week and the theme is "Discover your Imagination".I'm very new to doing cakes, and need something quick and easy. HELP.
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