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I was going to do it with cheesecake, but if cream cheese filling will be OK sitting out, then I think I will just do that!
I'm making a red velvet cake filled with cheesecake filling and I plan on covering it in MMF. I need to do it tonight, as I work all day tomorrow. Will I have to refridgerate or can it sit out? I believe I'm going to have to refridgerate due to the cheesecake. Am I right?ThanksKaren
I just piped melted chocolate into a fence shape. Look in my photos at my graveyard cake. It was very easy!HTHKaren
[quote="kansaslaura"]I wouldn't store the cupcakes in the fridge. Just put them in an airtight container--like a Tupperware. I think you'll run into problems with the papers getting soggy and can possibly dry out the cake. Freezing is a better option. Make sure you take the cupcakes out of the pan BEFORE they cool. I take them out as soon as they get out of the oven... no paper problems that way. And, I totally agree on sprinkling real soon after frosting. I usually swirl...
Thanks for posting that site! Leily's sound really good too. Guess I need to get baking!!
These are really neat!
I always add a little shortening with the WC and melt together. Comes out nice and smooth everytime. HTHKaren
One, this is why I encourage couples to cut their cake early in the evening (like BEFORE dinner is served) so the cake can be cut and served right after dinner instead of right after most of the guests have left.I was just at a wedding 2 weeks ago, the bride and groom cut the cake before dinner. It was the best thing to do EVER!
I buy from the all the time! Love them.
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