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sillywabbitz....I just looked at ebay and yes, they are lots cheaper! They all say free shipping, but then I see that there may be international fees. Did you have any extra shipping fees?ThanksKaren
Bahahahahaha....that's funny!
I use Alice's cooking icing. I make it with about 5 tbls of water first to outline. I then tint it the different colors I want, outline, and then add more water to each color to fill them. That's when it "separates". White flakes appear. I believe it's the butter. I tried adding hot water this time, but it still did it. What am I doing wrong?ThanksKaren
I just did cupcakes for my daughter's birthday in January. They are in my photos. It was alot of fun to do!
"It's a sign of disrespect"....that's what my husband walks around saying thanks to Buddy!
Thank you for posting this!
Duncan Hines!
Thanks for posting this link! It will come in very handy.
That is adorable! My daughter would love this cake.
Thanks for posting....this will come in really handy!
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