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My Dad made me 2 stands for about $30.00. He made me a 5 tier square and a 4 tier round. Absolutely love them!There's a picture of the square one (part of it) in my photos under "McKennas birthday".
I agree with Leah....looks like piped bc or royal.
Agree with leah_s.....the container's are not cheap to get, messy to make, (although they are cool looking when done) and in order for you to make anything on them you have to charge about $3.
I do the same thing as Debbye27. To do the frosting, I made bullets with 3-4 different colors and put them all in a piping bag and swirled on cupcake. They are in my pics. HTH.Karen
I was asked to make something for a benefit bake sale for a baby who needed heart surgery, so I made "melting snowmen". Got to the place where they were having it, and saw on the table where they were buried and smooshed under all the other baked goods that were there. All the icing was smeared in the bags, the noses were all broken off. I looked at the girl sitting there and told her, "I worked my ass of on these and you have them buried and smooshed!". Her...
Well, I just ordered a 5qt KA Artisan in apple green. After much research, I believe I made the best choice. Hopefully, I'm right. I absolutely cannot wait to get it! I'm going through withdrawels not being able to bake right now. Especially seeing it's Valentines Day!!
I'm looking to buy a new mixer, and wondering what one is best. I can get the KitchenAid for $255 with a $30 rebate and the Breville for $269. Opinions Please!!ThanksKaren
I am looking to purchase a stand mixer....just read all your comments, and need your honest opinions. KitchenAid 5qt Artisan vs Breville 5qt. I can get the Kitchenaid for $255 and then it has a $30 dollar rebate or the Breville for $269.00. Please help me!Karen
Thanks! I'll look that seller up!
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