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I need help.  I was asked to make pistachio else would I enhance a cake mix besides adding pistachio pudding to it to give it more of a pistachio flavor?  TIA!!!
Thank you for this!
Cakes decorated with cookies!!
Cool....thanks for posting that!
Lots of good sounding recipes posted! Think I'm gonna give a few a try, especially the maple bacon!
Thanks for all your responses! She has now decided to go with chocolate fudge with blue colored buttercream for the filling if it's a boy!Karen
I've been asked to make a cake for my cousin who is pregnant. They want to reveal the gender to the family by cutting into the cake and having it revealed by the color. If it's a girl, she wants strawberry cake with chocolate filling, but if it's a boy she doesn't know. She doesn't want just plain vanilla colored blue. Any ideas? All I can come up with is blueberry with cream cheese. Please help me!!TIAKaren
Does anybody know what the long skinny trays are called, and where I can find them. ThanksKaren
My sister is insisting on "all white" cupcakes and cupcake cake for my niece's 1st birthday pictures. I normally add 4 eggs and pudding, but she wants pure white, so it's not so messy. I'm so tempted to stuff the cupcake cake full of fudge!How many egg whites would equal 4 normal eggs?ThanksKaren
Love the idea!!
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