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I have fallen in love with swiss meringue buttercream.......however find it gets too soft too fast and does not seem to hold designs (i.e. flowers) as well as traditional american buttercream.  What icing can I use that will taste great like swiss meringue but hold up better?  Do you have a trick to thicken swiss meringue buttercream so it holds shapes better?   Thanks everyone   deb
Am making my own gum paste and the recipe calls for glucose (1 TBL).   All I have on hand is glycerine and can't get to the store.  Can I use the glycerine instead?   deb  
Thanks, she had seen a picture of a cake that had all the rainbow colors in one layer......ringing it would probably be the answer.   They were very large square layers, don't know.  Will see after I speak of her on Monday.   Deb
I have been asked to do a rainbow cake.  Problem it it is for a wedding cake.  Now, if I was using 8" pans all through, could use the checkerboard inserts.  However you know how big wedding cake layers can go.  My thought is make a whole lot of batter, separating into several bowls to color them.  The question is what is the best way of putting the different colors in the pan to get several colors in one pan?  Yikes!   deb
What happened to the line drawing cake templates that used to be under Galleries.  I have searched every which way and cannot find them.  It was great because I could print out one and draw on it, and there were all different shape combinations too.   Thanks   Deb
Has anyone "painted" on MMF?  Was wondering if it comes out as nice as when you "paint' on purchased fondant.    Deb
can swiss/italian buttercream be used to make roses and decorations on cakes? 
now that I am trying to get around, the search feature is not working and having a problem looking for recipies... site is still slow, sorry
I like it; it is a much "cleaner" looking page and much easier to read.Deb L.
I will be doing a cake next week and making a giraffe head out of rice krispies treats. I was wondering which is the best to cover it with - fondant or candy"clay"? Any thoughts, suggestions?Deb
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