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Have you mixed shortening into the melted mixture?
I went to order one on and they were already out But one of my local stores had one in stock so it's on hold and I will be picking it up later today
You can also remind the lady that since she did not sign the contract and make the deposit by said date (if you gave her a deadline) you are not responsible for making the cake regardless of what she did to the other cake baker.
Yup!I've done it!There is a small simple cake with yellow squigglies in my pics - that was cream cheese icing
When I first started with this site. they toyed with the idea of having a 'For Sale' section but there is too much liability involved for Jackie and Heath so the idea was nixed.
Talk with the girls and see what they think? When they came to meet with you were they dressed up super feminine? I'd think that would be a super cool cake to have, but that's just me
I found that happened to me when I baked my cakes @ 350'F.I now do the following to prevent sagging:1) bake all cakes @ 325'F (especially chocolate)2) use a flower nail in my sheet cake pans on anything bigger than 9x133) use a flower nail in my round cake pans on anything 10" or larger4) allow to cool in the pans 5 - 10 minutes before putting on a cooling rack
Ok the back and forth bickering needs to stop, otherwise the thread will be locked down.
I'd use buttercream I'd be afraid that the royal would fall off.
These just started being popular so I'm not sure where you can buy them, but BabyCakes company just started carrying their maker online.
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