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using buttercream icing (viva method) and for the deocrations on the cake. When they dry the deocrations seem to break very easily, i.e and outline of a logo, written letters etc. How can i prevent breakage? Is my icing too thick? any responses would be appeciated.
my buttercream cracked on the finished cake what can i do?
thank you so much for all the info. I did a search on the topic and got lots of info. i always think of that after i have posted my question!
i had some questions on becoming a wilton instructor. I dont know if you guys know but dO you have to have taken a wilton class to be an instructor? How much do they pay? Is it very time consuming? Just curious.
maybe this will help
thank you so much for your reply!
this may be a dumb question but i was asked to do a sheet cake. I have not done a sheet cake. Just squares and rounds. okay with the sheet cakes do you make two and stack them to make the cake about 4 inches high or do your just leave it at 2 inches with one layer?
your welcome!!!
here is my copy of hte matrix. it is awesome!
oh the suspense!!! i cant take it anymore...
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