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Thank you and yes i will do that
Thank you could kindly tell me the quantity of food color, sugar and glycerine used in making food paste colors and about the sugar is it icing sugar or confectionr sugar thank you
Hi I am from Pakistan and its really hard to get edible paste or gel colors. I want to make my own edible paste and gel colors. If anyone has its recipe or know how to make it kindly share or email me at madiha.usman@gmail.comThank you
HiDoes any one have Queenie Mom Instructions from Debbie Brown Book Easy Party Cakes. If so the kindly email it to madiha.usman@gmail.comMany Thankzzz
They dont have it they have her other books except the hobby cakes and the creative cake one
HiIf any one has the book Creative Celebration Cakesby Lindy Smith, Steve Benison and Linda Wilson-Barker, i am mostly interested in the instructions and template of how she carved and made the motor bike cake(Mod edited to remove email address. Please use CC email or pm.)Thank you
Thanks for the help but actually i amm looking for a certain formula as in the book of Cakes to inspire and desire a certain formula is given for converting small recipes into big one whether its a circle or pan but i am want to know that if u have a big pan recipe and wana convert it to small pan recipe then what should you do i am attaching the page of the book hope u guys can also have an idea as waht i mean thank youp.s you will hav to magnify the image to view the chart
Hiyai have a 12 inch square recipe and i want it to be equal to 9 inch circle kindly tell me which formula to use and if anyone of you have a conversion chart of cake recipes from big quantity to small kindly do let me knowthanks
Thank u soooooooooo much
Hiif anybody has a book of debbie brown cakes for men then could you plzzzzzzzzzzzz scan and send me the instructions and the pattern of the Vinetage Car on the follwoing email add which is madiha.usman@gmail.comWill appreciate it alotthank you
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