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You must be looking for the Wilton "Stepsaving Rose Bouquet Flower Cutter Set"... comes with a booklet too...Check this link:
I bought a large piece of styrofoam (the one for insulation) in a hardware store. I cut it at home. I packed it in plastic wrap (be careful to remove all the air bubbles) and put over my buttercream icing. It worked perfectly. As for weight... yes, it's light. So either fix it with some icing to the turntable (that's what I did) or use a fork. Insert a sturdy fork in the bottom of the dummy and ice it "in the air". To remove the fork, place the dummy on the edge of table...
It's great! I've heard about it on the discussion forum of Wilton. I succeeded to buy all three volumes from Barnes&Nobles... The first volume it's about tools, icing, techniques of color, then basic and advanced borders, flower making, lettering, color flow, marzipan, sugar molds... The second one is about different methods of decorating: english, philippine, australian, south african, mexican, then about gum paste flowers and figures and pulled sugar. The third one is...
Hi everybody!I've just purchased the three volumes of the Wilton Way Encyclopedia. I tried to find the pattern book to volume 3 too, but I cannot find it anywhere... If anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know. I would also be interested in paying for copying if anyone has these patterns and does not want to share them...Thanks a lot! Amely
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