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graham cracker crumbs... I have even added one oreo or vanilla oreos - nilla waffers (just the cookie not the cream), a few poppy seeds to add some other demension of color. Never sanding sugar - who wants a mouth full of grainy sugar. I don't think i would do brown sugar either. (just my opinion)
We are so honored to be included in August issue of Cake Central Magazine. Attached is a picture of our butterfly cake. If the picture doesn't appear, I have posted it under my pics.
I love our Cricut Cake. IF you find an ad on line you can print it and take it to Michaels or AC Moore. We have lots of cookie cutters, but what's nice is you can adjust the size of your shapes. Great for Varsity Letters. We also use Inkscape and Make the Cut software. Love both. Our Blue and gray wedding cake was done with the Cricut.
Great pics and ideas as soon as I can I will post our pics of our sucess with the Cricut Cake.
Poppies are my guest. I did red one that look just like them.
there was another thread on this subject but not sure what it was titled try searching Duff
There is no way I would let someone inspect the cake and I definately would not be sending a picture of my finishsed work... I think your just giving them room to change their mind and do you really want to redo your cake.
I have done several American Eagle shopping bags. I use the 1/2 sheet cake and cut into equal peices. Use a silver/gold foil covered cake board or if you us covered wood you will need dowels screwed in the bottom. With the cake board you can push the dowels through the cake and right through the board.
icing to thin and you may have too much in the middle
We get our boxes from FREE SHIPPING
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