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$150 for cupcakes and $225 for Novelty/3D. Wedding cakes starts at $300.
I use Fondx. I love it. It colors well and I've used it on cakes that are delivered to the park in 98 degree weather without a problem.
I believe Scott Clark Woolley and Margaret Braun do the same thing.The law in NYC mandates that you can bake out of your home and get licensed as long as you are not selling directly to the public. You can only sell to markets wholesale. Your recipes have to be analyzed at the lab and then you have to label your products with nutrition labels and apply for barcode scanning. It's a process.. You can have Ia bakery in a building apt. as long as you are zoned for mixed...
Hi.I started by finding the kitchen first. Once I found the kitchen they laid out all of the requirements. One of their requirements was that I get insurance for an X amount of liabilty coverage and their name had to be on the policy as a secondary.This helps protect you and the kitchen you cook out of in case there is an issue.
Hi. You did the right thing. Go with your gut. I had a woman who called me about a cake giving me one week's notice during one of my busiest two weeks. She wanted me to design a 3 tier cake for her with a moroccan theme such as mosaic tile, persian carpet, etc.I agreed to do it. Except I received about 50 emails back and forth about changing the cake design as well as asking me pricing on all different other cake designs. I finally told her that it would be in both...
You also have to make sure you are zoned properly. Cannot sell cake out of a residential neighborhood in NY unless you are a wholesaler who is then inspected by the dept. of Agriculture. Your studio has to be in a mixed or commercial zone.
I have had this same problem.Why do friends think they can have cake on credit? When they go shopping to any other store they can't leave without paying for their merchandise.I've gotten a little bolder. Now I tell them if I am not paid upfront I can't make the cake. I don't want to have to chase my money. It makes me feel as if they are taking advantage of my friendship. After all it's not personal, it's business.
Did you use No Trans fat Crisco in your icing?The same thing happened to me when I started to make my icing with the new Crisco no trans Fat shortening.My cake board was a 1" piece of plywood from home depot. So I know my cake boards were strong enough. I also used foam core between the layers. I cut the supports a little higher than the icing as to not let the tiers rest on top of the icing. I did everything right. It was the icing. It was even melting considering I...
I'll look at my taxes again. I had an accountant do them for me. I'm a sole Proprietor so I don;t have to file self employment tax. I still have a full time 9-5.I do my taxes yearly.
Only food consumed on the premises is subject to sales tax. Look it up at the IRS website.I don't have a sales tax license because I don't have a bakery where customers walk in and out and you are making or selling cakes by the slice to be consumed on the premises.I filed my taxes and was fine.
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