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Has anyone ever made these?
Does anyone have any ideas for a Labor Day Cake? Are there any specific colors for Labor Day?
Born, raised and still living in St. Paul, Minnesota.Nice to meet everyone.
JojoI use water to thin the icing, but not as much as the recipe calls for because I have noticed that the butter tends to thin it a little bit.For the merengue powder, I use 1 Tblsp per 1 lb of powdered sugar1 Cup Crisco1 Cup Butter3 Tblsp water1 tsp clear vanilla1 tsp clear almond2 lbs powdered sugar (I use C & H)2 Tblsp meringue PowderMix all the wet ingredients first, then add the dry.To thin to med consistency add 1-2 tblsp waterThin consistency 2-3 tbsp water.This is...
crp7I use Wilton's Buttercream, using 1/2 crisco and 1/2 butter. It works great for frosting cake and decorations. I add merengue powder to the batch for roses and flowers and they turn out beautiful.Jenn
Quad,Cand you decorate with this frosting or just frost the cake with it?
Anyone have any ideas on how to mold bugs out of fondant?
Thank you, now I know.
Never had the cake before, so I am unsure of which frosting to suggest.
What are you talking about?! It looks great! Stick with the $35 (maybe even $40?)You did a fantastic job!
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