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Great! thx. Making the ganache as I type.
I am doing my first ganached cake this weekend and it just dawned on me how do I get the dowels through the hard ganache? I use straws. Will that still work? Thx
I am doing a Diva/*** in the city cake for a 50th birthday. Her colors are red, white and black. My thought is to do 12" 9" and 6" The bottom tier will be black and white zebra. The middle will be white with a red band around the center and a crown shaped plaque that will say 50 in Gold The top will have a NY skyline in black that I think I figured out a way to light (this tier will be a dummy) On the very top will be black and red plume feathers and 2 gum paste...
It's not too difficult to carve. I think I saw a cake show where that's what she ended up doing for a cup cake cake
Does anyone know what font is used on the New York Ranger Jersey.Also how do I determine the size of the letters for the name and the numbers?Thanks
Quick question, is 2 lbs of fondant enough to cover a standard full sized filled sheet cake?Thx
Thx all! Guess what I am doing this weekend!
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